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Chronicles of the announced death


26-years old Kakhaber Tedliashvili who spent 3 years and three months in the prison, dead on April 30. According to the official version, it was the suicide  – hanging  himself on a gauze bandage. But, quite a different version is spread by his family members. Besides, the letters sent by the prisoner to Minister of Penitentiary Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, Ombudsman Giorgi Tugushi, MP Lasha Tordia, as well as to numerous organization involved in the human rights protection, say differently/
The letter by Kakhaber Tedliashvili addressed to the Ombudsman Giorgi Tugushi,  is dated April 12th, 2011:
“In 2010, the officers of the prison security service officers started pressure against me: “you are a prostitute man that is who they have lighted your sentence”, but, I told hem that it was a false information and they could easily re-check it. Thereafter, they told I must cooperate with them, otherwise, they would extend my stay in prison and show the other prisoners of my cell the letters which, as they were insisting, I have sent outside through the so called “Dachka” textile for catching other people and then, I could be free to search who wrote these letters”.
April 11: the letter sent to the Minister of Penitentiary Khatuna Kalmakhelidze:
“Director of the prison told the some concrete prisoners about me: “He is very wicked and an angry with everyone, writs protests against you and us. We have families and we cannot allow him to go out alive. He does such thing here and, can you imagine what he will do after releasing, you know he is waiting for pardon. For some time, do not give him any ground to feel something. If his documents are received by the Penitentiary department, I will know about it earlier than he. Then I will arrange so that you can meet him. Inject him 10 (ten) drugs under the axilla. He will feel only injection and soon die. All in department from lower to high rank officials are informed about and for them it is not interesting what will happen, because all are angry with him. So, nobody will be answerable.” I told to the prison officers: take me out of the cells, I am not a man who deserves to be here among the good people. I know you want to kill me, but, you see they are not going to do it. So, kill me yourselves,  what do you want from them? Anyway, You will answer for my killing  in all cases, because you are planning to arrange this thing”
April 12: the letter sent to Speaker of Parliament Davit Bakradze:
“Chief of the prison security service mentioned the names of my family members. I became afraid, the Chief could create problems to them, that is why I told him I am ready to cooperate. Thereafter they told me to confirm my words in writing. Otherwise, they told me that they recorded the conversation and will give it to other prisoners. So, I was forced  to write. Thereafter I phoned my father and asked for searching a possibility of my transfer to another prison, because my stay here was risky for my life. Later on, the prison security officers spread information in my cell that I was an agent of the prison administration and thus created such a situation that even my own mother could not believe that I was not their agent. In fact, I had no relations with the prison administration, even never saying them “how are you” and was seeking help outside, for removing to another prison.
To Lasha Tordia, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights Protection:
“I know that even if I am pardoned and released, they will organize my meeting with those who have become my enemies and then they will kill me. After my statement I feel I am almost in the grave. I am afraid because 25th April comes. If I am in the list of pardoned, they will kill me and then find some other poor man to show that he killed me. In case of disclosure of the facts mentioned by me, they perhaps will change their plans. If I could disclose everything, no problems could had been created to me in my cell. I am not a mad man. Everything I wrote is true. I ask everyone, save my life”
Despite this and many other similar letters nobody did or tried to save Kakhaber Tedlishvili’s live. As we have mentioned above, he dead on April 30. “Georgia and the World” interviewed Kakhaber’s mother:
– My son asked for help. We have applied to everybody to whom we could: Kalmakhelidze, Parliament, human rights advocates. He was also sending letters, statements, asking for help. The prison officers were threatening him with injecting big doses of drugs, but then told him that he was not deserving a death by one injection only, better to torture and then hang on a gauze bandage. They did it exactly I this way: tortured him and hang on the gauze bandage.
– Were any sign of torture on his body? the Penitentiary Ministry declares it was suicide
– Ministry’s statement on suicide is wrong. There exist many evidences that my son was asking for help even a month ago. When the “Chronicles” of April 22 published the article titled: “Kakhaber Tedliashvili from No.6 Prison is facing with a threat of murdering” we thought they will take steps to save his life. Unfortunately, nothing good was done.
– Have you your own version about his death?
– He was tortured terribly. Fingers broken by hammer, pulled out tissue in three places on the backbone, the right hand broken (as I know), bruises on the head.
We were applying repeatedly to the prison director, administration, I told them I will burn myself in front of the prison, but nobody considered my applications, We failed to save his life
– Why did they launched this campaign against him?
– I do not know about it. But, I know that the prison administration was often beating my son, they even broke his leg when beating. Once when his advocate met him, he was in a terrible state: nobody could understand whether he had eye and nose.  The advocate took him at the director of the prison Davit Margebadze and asked for react, but for nothing. That is why Kakha asked us to send his case to Strasbourg Court, because he though in Georgia nobody would help him.  He heard that they were going to kill him on Saturday or Sunday. I phoned to the  prison administration and warned them I was ready to burn myself, if happened so. After this, they gave him only one week of life. On morning, April 30, when checking the cells, they say he was still alive, but as it became known to me, they killed him on 10:30, of that morning. We know also that they tortured him terribly in the night of April 29. They were giving him the paralysis-causing drugs because my son was very strong physically, able to defense himself easily against attacks.
– In his letters he mentioned the names, also.
– Yes, one of them is John Ramishvili – the prison security officer
– As revealed from his letters, he had some controversies with some other prisoners, too.
– Yes, because, when allowed to meet us, the prison administration was  distributing the information among the prisoners that my son is a man (“nasedka”) informing us about everything taking place in the prison, but this is absurd. My son was a true man and could not cooperate with the prison administration. That is why they killed him. Our advocate continues the case but no reaction from their part is seen, because his murdering was ordered by the top-rank officials. Otherwise, nobody can kill a man in prison so easily. He was under the terrible psychological and physical pressure, they were threatening him saying that they will kill his family members, including his 7-years old invalid child. They told him directly they could not release him live because he hate them, they also have families and, he could do something wrong with them, if released
I want ask to all mothers of prisoners: wake up, do not allow them to kill your sons, save their life, do not afraid of this government. They killed my 26-years old son for nothing. On April 22 we warned the government that my son being placed in No.6 Prison is under the risk of murdering, but nobody answered. During the last 4 months we met 10 or 15 times with the director of the prison Davit Margebadze. If not the director’s order, the prison administration could not decide to kill him. We are not going to stop, all man who killed my son, as well as those who paid no attention to our warnings and took no steps to save him, will answer. We are going to submit the case to the Strasbourg Court.

Sophio Gelashvili



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