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The Mentally Ill Prisoner was placed by the Prison administration to the Morgue


“I inform you that on July 3, 2009 in prison hospital I was tortured brutally during 1 month, they often have beaten me up. I am mentally ill and I have fears to the level that I even have epilepsy from so much of beating. They were leaving me in the morgue at the first floor. I need the treatment but I am afraid to go for it- for how long will they be beating me? I don’t have the possibility to buy the medicines. I am mentally ill already for15 years. Help me please if you can – I will tell you their names and surnames, they are: Goga Butliashvili, NikoKhatiashvilki, AvtoPapashvili. I ask you – come to see me. RespectfullyIrakliMarakvelidze”.
This letter was received by Nino Andriashvili – leader of the Legal group of “Human Rights Center” from mentally ill prisoner, IrakliMarakvelidze who serves his sentence in Prison #17. Because of the inhuman treatment towards him Marakvelidze tried to commit suicide many times. According to Nino Andriashvili, just now the prisoner cut his veins on the both hands and also the neck. In connection with this fact “Georgia and the World” had a conversation with Nino Andriashvili, who defends the interests of IrakliMarakvelidze.

–          Today IrakliMarakvelidze is placed at Rustavi Prison #17 together with the prisoners who are not mentally ill. And the mentioned prisoner got to the psychiatric clinic many times during recent years. Because of the mental problems, he served his sentence not in the penitentiary institution but in the psychiatric institution.
But in case of the last crime (as far as I remember, it is murder and he did not admit himself guilty) he was sentenced to 20 years of suppression with the serving at the penitentiary institution. Despite there were performed many references about his health condition and the references from psychiatric institution, neither administration of the institution nor the department did not take it into consideration and Marakvelidze was placed into the treatment institution of the Prison where he was treated brutally many times and tortured. In fact, according to him (as it is approved by the letter of the public defender, sent to the penitentiary department and also the complaints by the prisoner’s mother and the attorney of the prisoner) the torture was implemented towards Marakvelidze- he was taken to the morgue and he was closed there with the dead men for hours also he was placed to the lock-up almost naked with the underwear what more aggravated his psychical condition.
Today in this case if I ask for his relocation to the psychical clinic with the aim of studying his psychical condition the prisoner is afraid that he will be under the pressure again. That is why I am forced – taking into consideration today’s situation- to directly demand his relocation to the psychiatric institution and not to the psychiatric unit (which is subordinate to the penitentiary institution).
–          Why this kind of the suppression is implemented over him – isn’t it connected with the complaint sent to the Strasbourg Court?
–          I don’t know as I wasn’t involved in this case from the very beginning. But the mentioned actions are implemented not only towards Marakvelidze but also to all those imprisoned persons who I represent today and whose cases are sent to Strasbourg. Up to present the interests of IrakliMarakvelidze were defended by private attorney who has sent the complaint to the Strasbourg court but I think it needs to be précised. My organization will send the complaint repeatedly for timely reaction and the European Court will order to the country for the relocation of Marakvelidze to the psychiatric institution.
–          Marakvelidze tried to commit suicide recently- by what is it evoked?
–          The self-damages and attempt to commit suicide from Marakvelidze’s side are implemented not only because of the physical but also because of the psychological pressure. He says that there are unbearable conditions for him in the prison- all night long he can’t sleep because of the voices. This is characterizing for this king of ill persons; and he has no opportunity to have the treatment in the prison. He requires appropriate medicine treatment and permanent supervision of the doctor (not of the prison administration). The prisoner has cut his veins for now at his both hands. As far as I know they couldn’t stop the bleeding all day as the sores reached the bones. He has also the wound in the area of the neck from the both sides.
–          If the investigation begins in connection with the fact – what has led the prisoner to the suicide and how come the sharp weapon got into his hands?
–          In connection with the sharp weapon his attorney has complained to the Court on what the Criminal Code case was arisen with the motive of the self-damage. But the accent was not made on how this person has made this self-damages despite the fact that the plaintiff always indicated that the self-damage to Marakvelidze was caused because of the pressure over him. In connection with this fact we refer with the complaint to various institutions also the Public Defender and demand the reaction in the margins of their competence.



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