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Letter from Prison


Ramaz Pataraia is now in the extremely hard state because of the physical pressure applied against him. He was beaten by the officer of the prison administration so severely that his feet are paralyzed and can move sitting in the invalid’s cart, only. Despite this, they continue the physical pressure against him up now. As to investigation of this case, it is dragging intentionally. Below is the letter by Ramaz Pataraia – a prisoner of Rustavi No.2 Penitentiary.
“I am writing  this letter because of the violations committed against me and, I am forced to apply to the Strasbourg Court. This is my attempt to inform through your help a society about the facts those were taking place during the last period
1. First of all, please do not blame me because of my poor  grammar and the  errors in spelling. I could not receive a due education for a simple reason: I was imprisoned when I was 17. Second, in this letter, in certain cases I am not providing the dates when this or that fact happened, because if they are not correct, they may be used later on against me. Now, I’ll try to make you aware of the facts.
2. I was moved to Kutaisi No.2 Prison from Rustavi No.2 Prison where I was placed in a so called “Crit”, sentenced for 6-month term of imprisonment. I was moved from here to Kutaisi prison at the end of November, 2009.
3. In Rustavi No.2 Prison I was  placed in the building where the convicts, not prisoners, were settled. More exactly – in Cell no.324 of C (ce) Building. The cell was for two prisoners.  There was one more man in this cell, who was also transported with a guard to Kutaisi No.2 Prioson together with me.
4. The main violation of law committed against me in Kutaisi No.2 Prison was as follows:  they placed me in the so called “punishment cell” by a fictitious reason of nonobservance of the regime. As a protest against it, I  made a self-injure of my hands. Thereafter they moved me in the so called Fux where a nurse hilled my wounds. The  Fux officers were insulting me trying to force me to commit a violence. Then the door opened and two officers Nugzr Zhorzholiani and Dato (I do not remember his surname) started to insult  me first by words, thereafter –  physically. After this fact, the prison office being at the same room in that moment, called a nurse, who injected me a drug, I do not know what it was, but she explained that it was a sedative. Thereafter they toopk me back to the Fux where I was for 2 days. There was neither stool not table or bed, in the Fux. In the morning when I refused to have a meal because it was my protest, they took me in the punishment cell. I called a nurse who came and injected the analgesic  preparation “Baralgetax” I use this drug systematically for over 8 months, 1 ampoule  , or even more, per day. After all these, the showed the nurse the injured places on my body, that were caused by the prison officers who beaten me last night and, asked her for applying to the doctor in duty  who could come to see me in the punishment cell  fixed the obvious fact of  injuries, but with no result. Later on, after several hours, because of the progressing pains and repeated self-injure, they took me back in the Cell No.324 of “C” Building where I had been placed initially.
5. About 2-week later my poor health state became even worsened –  headaches systematic and very acute attacks, lost of mind for 30 minutes or even longer (I  heard about attacks and losses of mind from other prisoners of the cell), acute pains in the backbone. On the background of all these, I cannot control myself and cause self-injuries on my hands of foot. At present, as you know, I cant move only through the invalid’s cart. A diagnosis of what a reason of my such state, is unknown to me up now.
6. Two weeks later of  the events mentioned above, I and the second prisoner sharing the cell with me, were moved to Cell No.302 of the same building, envisaged for 6 prisoners. The other 4 men there were convicts and I was the prisoner moved there from the Penitentiary to the “Crit” (locked) regime by fictitious reason – the prison administration considered that I violated the regime.
7. In several days, after consultations by the neuropathologist, they moved me in the medical unit B, R No,302 of the prison, from where, as I think, for determining the diagnosis, they took me from Kutaisi No.2 Prison to the Republican Hospital of the Prisons. It happened in early January, 2010.
8. During 2 weeks of my stay in the Prisons’ Republican Hospital, various abuses, threatening  and pressures were applied against me personally by the head of this establishment Goga  Butliashvili. I informed the Ombudsman’s Office about this fact in through one of my letters. After two weeks I was transported with a guard back to Kutaisi No.2 Prison where a was placed for 1 day in the medical unit of B building, cell No.302 and, thereafter placed in C building, cell No.302. During one week of my being there, the insults by words as well as various threatening took place by the officers of the prison. On January 29, 2010, without any explanation, I was once again transported with a guard  to the Prisons’ Republican Hospital. In the course of transportation, after a fictitious incident one of the officer of the guard insulted my physically and by words. The resulted injuries are fixed in the acceptance card. My advocate have also seen me  in this state, who visited the in the Hospital. I spent there two weeks, and, during the whole period a was under the threats, pressure and insults from side of Vazha (I do not know his surname)  – deputy head of the institution. In middle February 2010, I was transported with a guard from the Hospital to Kutaisi No.2 Penitentiary (I do not remember the exact date).
Please note, in case if even the Strasbourg Court considers necessary to take me to the Prison Hospital, I will refuse it. The reasons of such refusal is clearly indicated by me in the above listed facts.
R. Pataraia”.
This letter was delivered to us by Ms. Nino Andriashvili, the Head of Legal Group of the “Human Rights Center”.



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